Hey, I’m Greg the founder of Only Skin. In my early 20’s, I had never really thought much about my skin. Skincare always seemed unnecessary, and I was blessed with clear skin throughout most of my young life. Until my thirties when I really started to notice my skin starting to age. There were new lines and bags under my eyes starting to form, and my skin just started to look and feel older and rougher. I am an avid mountain climber, road biker and tennis player, and over the years all of that sunshine and wind was starting to take a toll on my skin. As I looked around at some of the older athletes, I didn’t want my skin to end up like theirs.

When I started to shop around for skincare products, the process was daunting and the products were confusing and pricey. My guy friends seemed equally clueless, and their beliefs were often contradictory. So I decided to create my own line of simple, effective and clean skincare products that I could use every day as part of a long-term skincare routine.

I have a unique professional background of creating new consumer branded companies that gives me access to world-class industry experts and formulators. Similarly based in Southern California, these people have developed products for many of the world’s leading luxury skincare brands.

My team and I spent over two years with them doing research, creating numerous formulations and testing them on friends & family to come up with what I believe is a truly amazing product line. Our products pair luxury-quality ingredients such as lactic acid, peptides and creatine that work synergistically to help men’s skin recover from the daily grind, prevent the signs of aging and look healthy & refreshed on a daily basis.

We packaged these products into easy-to-follow kits for guys who are new to skincare routines or just want to get a better price on the entire set. We also created a line of a la carte items for guys who are looking for a specific item to add to their existing regimen, who want to try a single item before they buy an entire kit, or just want to replenish their favorite items. I hope you try our products and love them as much as I do.

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